Brexit means …..?

Is this the dawn of an exciting new beginning? Are we perhaps living in what some would see as the end, a very contentious end to a safety net, a security blanket to help us through the bad times, help us feel just that little bit more secure?

Did we ever actually get past Brexit means…Brexit, that elusive summary from our eloquent if not elaborative former leader?

Most of all, do you still care? Are you becoming battle weary full of the fatigue of the constant discussions, the trial by media of everyone involved, the online bullying of differing vantage points, do you care passionately or do you simply just want the powers that be to “get Brexit Done?”

This is not another political broadcast, or analysis, we truly have enough of those, never has there been a time where so much saturation smacked of either outright propaganda, the demoralisation of democracy and the return to mob law.

This is, what it is – some tongue in cheek (see what I did there) fun at a very pressing moment in our history.


Within 48 hours the country will have been to the Polls, expressed our opinions, shown our allegiances, or given up and stayed home with a cup of tea and the safety and security of a soap opera.

Whatever happens, regardless of the result, rest assured, the drama isn’t over, the saga shall continue, the twists, the turns and revelations about what we are or aren’t being told will ensue thick and fast. Our trust in the state, the media, these relationships will continue to diminish whilst the drama plays out. The wheels shall turn, the cycle will return and at some point we shall find anew level of natural order to live by, in amongst the fake news, propaganda, austerity and control measures.

I would urge you not to be allow yourselves to get too stressed or become distressed. The sun will still rise and fall on whatever the land we are dealing with on Friday.

Take heart that we have all learned something from this process, that we are maybe all going to be little more astute in the future, more interested in who’s driving the train and in what direction. If anything perhaps we will be less passive passengers in our society and more active participants. This doesn’t translate to activists, simply interested people taking action by playing greater roles in shaping the world in which we live, the world we leave behind and the future of our children.

The title of this piece intends no offence, it’s less bollocks to Brexit as bollocks to the bull**** drama, lies damned lies and statistics. To being patronised that we don’t know what’s good for us if we want to leave, or that we don’t understand the severe dangers that lie ahead and missed opportunities if we stay. With both sides of the table treating us as though we’ve some form of Stockholmes syndrome for wanting…whatever it is we individually and collectively want.

Never in history have we as a nation looked so uninformed, unsure, disunited and indecisive. Not a powerhouse, nor a power block, in fact just pretty powerless, and that’s the leadership…before you even get to the plight of the people.

So…deep breath people. Tick your box, move it along. The education system is still crap, the hospitals and the NHS are in crisis, unemployment, housing, homelessness, crime, county lines, and just about everything we haven’t been dealing with whilst not managing to deal with this major saga is still here, still waiting and these are the things that actually leave us a country in crisis.

Europe is not Pharaoh, being asked to “Let my people go” the religious zealousness and contention to this debate is startling, we need to get a grip. Bollocks to the Brexit drama, we have a lot to do, do your thing, play your part, wake up and see all the stuff falling down around us, let’s get a move on. Your country needs you.