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Shopping, I’m good at it. It’s my past time, my pleasure, for work, for leisure. I love to shop. For me, I derive great pleasure from being a savvy shopper. I don’t spend endless days and nights cutting out coupons or vouchers, I do surf the online sales and visit the best in-store sales I can find, to see what there is to be had of value, of style, of merit. Sometimes it’s not about the item or service being on sale, it could be high end on the high street, it’s simply about it providing a real feel good factor, value for money, quality, satisfaction. Sometimes it’s just a real case of “got to have it!”

I loath some of the slycology of retail, no, that’s not a typo, it may be thought of as retail psychology, but in my book, it’s sly-colony, plain and simple, and when you can see it coming a mile away, the deals that are far from deals, the rip offs, the fake sales, it drives me crazy. I’m not excited or motivated by these, but really do appreciate and get excited about genuine finds and the feel good factor of an experience with a retailer or service provider who does just that, provides, and delivers.

I love to interact with my followers and readers, and learn from them also. I’m currently working behind the scened to get the blog up this year also, the world is our oyster, unlimited by location and I hope to show it.

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I love interacting with the public and sharing what I have found, experienced or am looking for. Shopping is a social experience, even when done from the confines of our homes, offices, wherever, we can still learn much and pass it on from each other. I laugh, I cry, I celebrate, I show off maybe a little, successes, failures, it’s all out there. There’s the occasional rant…it’s life, and it’s a lifestyle blog with a focus on shopping. Everything from traveling with children, girlie weekends, family vacations, shopping for home, for Christmas, special occasions, lots of fashion, experiences, whatever you need, if we seek it, can source it, I am happy to talk about it. Pretty much everything in life is a transaction, I review and write about them.
People who know better…do better, I once read, hopefully by sharing , with social media, we all feel a sense of that we maybe at the end of it somehow do. I hope I can inspire, share and interact with you, share my experiences and your thoughts. When it comes to shopping, let’s keep it social.
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