Vote with your feet? The revolution is here. PMJ Sneakers.

This is the time of revolution, the people want change, they want to be free to be individuals, not conformed to titles, slogans, brands and price tags, the people want choice and a chance to shape every aspect of the future, this is the brave new world, this is now. This is where we’re at…  but with sneakers. Usually, I review and source for you brands that have long been on the market, however, this I feel present and interesting option for this of you who dare to be different, to stand out as an individual and form your own fashion choices and opinions. Only you can decide if this brand has potential should you chose to try it.


Pierre Marc Jannot (PMJ) is a Paris-based fashion house looking to reinvent the luxury sneaker with new and exciting modern designs. Combining sleek and unique designs with artisan craftsmanship, the company’s focus remains rooted in style and quality when it comes to the creation of its shoes.    Pierre Marc Jannot, also known as PMJ, recently announced the launch of its latest line of luxury sneakers. PMJ’s new sneaker collection offers modern designs made from high-quality materials—all of which are sold at a fair value for its customers.   PMJ sneakers are stylish, feature innovative designs, and provide comfort for long hours of wear. With a background working with major Parisian fashion houses, the founder is well placed to deliver style to the fashion savvy.


PMJ want to make unique sneakers for unique individuals. They aim to eliminate the problem of consumers having to choose between cool designs and low prices by  passionately focusing on innovation, style, quality, comfort, and affordability.  PMJ Shoes offer both men’s and women’s lines, both of which mix design and elegance to provide a $150 sneaker that rivals $500 pairs of luxury sneakers.   The sneakers are made from  beautiful Calf Leather. PMJ Shoes’ designs are stylish, comfortable, simple, and easy to pair with  a cross section of outfits and looks.

“The PMJ Shoes brand embodies the freedom of choice and expression, and we want you to express your style to the world,” stated a representative of the company in a recent interview. ( LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 17, 2016 )

“PMJ Shoes are about style, quality and you. We think fashion is an art that belongs to everyone, and so owning the next cool pair of sneakers shouldn’t only be for the rich celebrities that can afford them. We make unique sneakers, for unique individuals.”


Currently, PMJ Shoes have mounted a Kickstarter campaign, through this the team seeks the necessary funds to bring the project to life.   The funds raised will go directly to supporting the project, including covering its manufacturing and shipping costs.  In exchange for supporters coming onboard with the project, PMJ Shoes are offering backers of the Kickstarter campaign a wide variety of perks, such as pairs of low top sneakers in any color and size of the donor’s choice, PMJ t-shirts, etc.


The journey so far has been a true labour of love with such dedication to the goal of producing these beautiful sneakers affordably the it has involved transnational relocation and creating the perfect team, the perfect environment and what they hope you will receive as your perfect sneakers.


I would urge you to learn more about Pierre Marc Jannot and its designs by visiting the project’s Kickstarter page for additional information and inspiration. I would urge you to consider making a pledge, give some support to the David in of the sports shoe world  as opposed tot he Goliath sports product companies we all tend to habitually spend out money with often out of habit rather than thought.

Will you join the revolution, will you march on your feet, by wearing a brand that epitomises breaking with the recognised establishment, the brands we’ve  been brought up with, told that we should be wearing usually at a hefty price tag, will you take up the challenge laid down to you by PMJ, will you support change, try something new,  go for style and substance, step outside of the box?


This is how revolution begins, this is a sneaker revolution, it shall be interesting to see what happens in months to come.  Are we really as free, uninhibited, bound by brands, slogans, and the need to conform as we think.  Or do we stick with the same old thing.

Are we really all about style, function, purity of design?  The company details are here: PMJ   Let’s see what you do with them.


Enjoy. x


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