The Power of Make-Up

As women, we all love what make-up can do. When carefully and cleverly applied, make-up can enhance the features, give us loads of confidence, and allow us to be who we feel we really are.

There’s nothing straight forward about make-up though, from the careful creation of the products, to the selection process by each unique person, to the art and creativity of applying make-up, it all takes great attention to detail and is unique from person to person.


We may not even realise it, but the way in which we select make-up products, choose how to use them and how to apply them to put together our final look takes a lot of creativity and imagination. Every day we are drawing inspiration from others, whether that be people we see on the streets, our friends and celebrities, our inspiration comes from somewhere, and it is so unique to each individual.

There is something so wonderful about the creative aspect of make-up, from that moment at the make-up counter when you select the colours and products that interest and excite you, to taking them home and experimenting with them, to eventually create that look that’s just right for you.

Of course applying make-up takes some skill too, and for many of us this began in our teenage years, when we saved up to buy our first mascara and eye-liner. These skills are developed from a young age, and it’s safe to say we have all learnt from our mistakes over the years.


Make-up is so unique to each and every person. Some of us love to experiment, trying a new look almost every day, while some play it safe with a look that they know reflects their personality perfectly, choosing to stick with the same products and look day in, day out. What we feel comfortable wearing, and what we feel reflects us best is so unique from person to person, and there is something so magical about this.

With so much choice on the high street, the products we choose to invest in is unique to each and every one of us. Some of us have brands we swear by, such as Mac, Bare Minerals or Benefit, others flit from brand to brand, choosing products that inspire them then and there, no matter who they are created by.

With the addition of online make-up Mecca’s, suddenly we are spoilt for choice when it comes to brands and products. There is a brand out there for everyone, whether you favour heavy duty make-up, natural or all mineral products, lighter options, fun packaging, classic branding…you can get hold of it all online, and the choice is endless.

There is something so pleasurable about choosing new products, from browsing over the colours, the beautiful scents and packages, to the feel of a new product on the skin, and finally looking in the mirror and deciding ‘is this me?’

Make-up is a powerful tool, which we all use differently, to meet our own needs and expectations, but it’s safe to say, make-up is a fantastic thing, that’s fun, creative and not to be sniffed at.