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The Good Life.  What is it?  What constitutes the good life for you when you hear this phrase?  Be careful, your answer is good hint of your age.  If you were to refer for example to  to Jerry and Margot, characters from the well loved popular television series “The Good Life’  well, then we know you were kicking it back in the 70’s, or you have a penchant for those random daytime tv channels that thrive on re-runs of old programs. So for you the good life may constitute images of suburbia or rural bliss.


Some people view the good life as some kind of quest for utopia, relocating to the countryside, going your own food, living clean as it is often reared to.  Organic Food, free range meats, fresh air and a slower pace of life.  time to reflect and relax.


For other the good life it almost the opposite.  Living Large.  Luxury in every form.  The true champagne lifestyle, endless parties, vip events, swanky restaurants, the best of everything, being very busy and in demand, this we’ll cover in another blog entry.


These are two very conflicting views of the good life in some peoples eye.  For me..not so much. As I see it, the good life is about having what you want.  That’s what makes it good, because it’s what you’ve chosen for yourself as opposed to being all the there is that is available to you.  Choosing to live well, being able to do so, in the town or the country is a lifestyle goal for everyone, it’s about making our own choices and feeling empowered.


So, short of hitting the lottery, how do we treat ourselves to elements at least of The Good Life every day?  Well, a very simple way in recent years has been the movement to eat better food.  To live well. you font’s have to buy a small holding, or get an allotment to eat better food.  so, for today, let’s look at ways to improve what’s on our plate and deliver The Good Life to our home.


Companies such as Riverford Organic Farms have become incredibly popular amongst friends and contemporaries.  We all want to eat better, live better, take greater control over what we put into our bodies.

The Riverford box scheme began when Guy Watson started delivering vegetables locally to 30 friends in Devon. They now deliver around 47,000 boxes a week to homes around the UK from their regional farms. People using services such as these feel better about the journey their food is taking from farm to fork, it helps us to eat seasonally and the environmental impact is obvious as well as the benefits to our domestic economy.   Riverford has shown that organic food does not need to be elitist – its prices are 20% lower than those in supermarkets.

Personally, I just love arriving home to find the lovely big box of fresh produce waiting for me which has been well packed, well produced and is reasonable priced. I noticed they even have an organic wine if you’re really committed. For me, giving my family good food, is feel good factor enough.  Seeing lovely packaging in terms of one simple box as opposed to those rotten 5 pence bags in the supermarket.  Well, I can’t help but feel just a little bit special, sad I  know.


A typical vegetable box from Riverford.

A typical vegetable box from Riverford.


Riverford have actually been warded prizes for their service and are recognised for their efforts in terms of Fair Trade, their policy is simple and easy to digest  and from a consumers point of view, it seems very do-able.  The rolling has comments has been extracted from their website:

 “Having experienced what it is like to be involved in an unfair farmer-to-consumer chain      ourselves (thanks to dealings with unscrupulous supermarket buyers in the past), here at Riverford we do our best to ensure that everyone we work with gets treated fairly.

This is simple enough with our growers close to home, but the complexities of transporting exotic fruit from abroad can make exploitation easier to hide. We visited both our pineapple growers in West Africa and our banana growers in the Caribbean to see for ourselves where our fruit comes from.

That’s really admirable  You can read more about the award winning ethos as noted by the Guardian Newspaper when reporting on yet another win for Riverford in the Guardian & Observer Ethical Company of the Decade awards:   no small achievement!


There are many companies out there that support this move away from the buy one get one free deals of mass produced goods shipped in to the country well before they are ready and having little sustainability or  actual appeal in all honesty.  Having shopped a lot with my mother as a child, I was sad to see the gradual decline of high street butchers across the country.  If you are into good food, enjoy cooking, wan tot entertain with good produce, one to consider is certainly Cambells meats, talk about restaurant quality meat and fish, and the value it pretty amazing.  Still with with all the convenience of online shopping.  Fantastic.


Campbell's Steak.

Campbell’s Steak.


Campbell's burgers

Campbell’s burgers

Fantastic as it is to be able to source really good quality meat, one thing I also get really excited about is the ability to get great fish delivered to my door.  Clearly, I’m an advocate for online shopping, but find supermarket fish stands to contain a pretty limited range.  When I shop online at Campbells Meats, the fish range is fantastic and the quality I have a sight been unable to fault, real restaurant quality produce without the price tag and a far more diverse range than we generally find. Excellent go to source if you’re ever planning a dinner party.


If you worry about how to cook as opposed to just what to cook, then look no further than internet sensation: Hello Fresh.  Taking the concept of home shopping, home delivery but also culinary know how to a whole new level, the team behind this think outside of the box, to bring you a box of goodies that will deliver food to tantalise your taste buds, impress your family and wow your friends.

Every week, we make sure that thousands of households receive a box of culinary treasures to cook and enjoy.”


Hello Fresh Classic Box

Hello Fresh Classic Box


Along with your box of fresh food you receive, every week Head Chef Patrick and his team create new recipes with photos of every step for you to cook quick, delicious, nutritious meals at home. They send it, you cook it and eat it, simple.

There are so many ways to improve how we eat, made pretty easy to access thanks to the wonderful world of online shopping. Embrace it, you’ll never look back.  this is just a snapshot of what’s available out there, and over coming months, I’m hoping to review some of these services for you over on the youtube channel. For now, I say, eat, drink, be merry….if you’re eating any of these, why wouldn’t you be?




2 thoughts on “The Good Life – The Life Style Edit.

  1. Sarah says:

    For me,the good life is enjoying every day that I get with my husband, who is a kidney cancer survivor, and my son who was not suppose to survive birth. The good life is doing things together and making the most of every trip to the store, every meal, and every moment that we have together. It doesn’t matter what we do or where we go or how we feel- we are together and right now in life that is enough for us- it is a good life for us right now.

  2. Patty says:

    There are many ways to treat ourselves right and to live the good life every day- finding joy and happiness in the little things is one of the best ways to do so! Even when things are looking down, find a way to make yourself happy and find at least one thing you can do for you- cook your favorite meal, see a movie, read a book that you love, or give yourself a nice long bubble bath. How you do it is not really important but what is important is that you actually take time to do it!

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