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Seeing Red – Autumn Winter 17/18 Fashion Trends.

Red is the colour!  It certainly is the new black right now. For autumn we’re taking our style cues from Mother Nature it would seem and it’s all about a bright bold palette, it’s about vivd reds, statement reds, slashes of red, whatever you do, get some red in that (whatever you’re wearing.  It’s a…

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Pink Perfection – The love affair continues.

So here’s the thing, Pink.   That’s it, Pink is the  actual “thing” right now.  It’s still around n the shops, yes it’s in the sales, some of our most noted fashion bibles are telling us to phase it out of our wardrobes this season, and yet, in-coming stock for the Autumn Winter season is…

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Shopping With…Dame Kelly Holmes.

Shopping With … Dame Kelly Holmes. An icon of determination, positivity and achievement.
Today I’m honoured to interview Dame Kelly Holmes. You will have seen a lot of her over the years, a real over-achiever, an athletics hero, olympic champion, a mentor, and business woman. There is so much to this lady, she is an abundant source of energy, inspiration, positivity and achievement.

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Boho Chic, – The Bohemian Edit.

When you hear the phrase Boho Chic, what springs to mind? Yes, same here, images of actress Sienna Miller, Super Model Kate Moss, Meg Matthews and the original Glastonbury festival  celebrity crowd. Bohio Chic, taken from the word Bohemian, is all about that loose, carefree, comfortable yet uber stylish and hip vibe, all rolled into…

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Black is Back.   – The Dark Side Edit.

Ladies and Gentleman, in case you didn’t get the memo; black is well and truly back. It’s not that it ever really went away, it’s always been a safe haven as far as I’m concerned, but you know how we venture off into that experimentation at the urge of the fashion press to branch out…

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   Nude’s not rude.       – The Nude Edit.

Steady, we’re not talking naked selfies here, but Nude is indeed a thing right now. It’s subtle, yet very attention grabbing, the simple strikingness of a woman doing the Nude thing.  By Nude, to avoid all doubt I mean the colour nude, or all the shades of colour within what is generally considered to make…

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