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Shopping With…Dame Kelly Holmes.

Shopping With … Dame Kelly Holmes. An icon of determination, positivity and achievement.
Today I’m honoured to interview Dame Kelly Holmes. You will have seen a lot of her over the years, a real over-achiever, an athletics hero, olympic champion, a mentor, and business woman. There is so much to this lady, she is an abundant source of energy, inspiration, positivity and achievement.

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Spring into Spring……Fitness Edit.

New Year, New You. How’s that working out for you? Be honest, it didn’t work did it? Ok, you did go to the gym a few times, granted, ok, you did cut out bread for that fortnight…etc. But let’s face it, it was too cold, too dark, you were too ill and all the other…

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The Power of Make-Up

As women, we all love what make-up can do. When carefully and cleverly applied, make-up can enhance the features, give us loads of confidence, and allow us to be who we feel we really are. There’s nothing straight forward about make-up though, from the careful creation of the products, to the selection process by each…

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