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#BlackLivesMatter? Put your money where your mouth is.

Ok, it’s Monday 8th June 2020. It’s been a crazy week gone by, hell emotional, stressful, shocking beyond belief. This past week is the cherry that has topped one hell of a month, what a first, a quarter and now just the total mind-fuck, the year that is 2020 to date. It has been the…

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Brexit means …..?

Is this the dawn of an exciting new beginning? Are we perhaps living in what some would see as the end, a very contentious end to a safety net, a security blanket to help us through the bad times, help us feel just that little bit more secure? Did we ever actually get past Brexit…

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The New First Lady – It’ll be All White on the Night.

Today, Melania Trump has arrived, the new First Lady of Fashion. Today, the 9th November 2016 is  a day that will forever be remembered in history.  Today, is the day, the establishment was shaken up, the day Donald Trump, the least likely candidate the world had once thought, won the US election to become the…

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