Shopping With…Katie Fforde

Today, I m honoured to be in interviewing literary legend, Katie Fforde.  Katie describes herself on her website as being “a writer, mother, wife and for those who don’t know, a struggling flamenco dancer.”  Believe me this truly an understated and very humble  statement of achievement here. Katie Fforde is an award winning best selling British romance novelist. Published since 1995, her romance novels are set in modern-day England. She  also the is founder of the Katie Fforde Bursary for writers who have yet to secure a publishing contract.

I have long admired her work, her novels have accompanied me on many a beach holiday, train journey and  indulgent selfish moment in the garden if the family are suitably entertained.  So it is with great pleasure I am able to gain a little more insight into who is Katie Fforde and what are her shopping habits.  She’s every bit as down to earth and witty through this as her work,  and via her social media.  See for yourself:

Hi Katie,  thank you so much for taking time out  for, let’s jump right in and see just what kind of shopper you are shall we?

Could you tell me your top three favourite High Street stores?

Boots, Waterstones, Whittards.

In designer clothing who’s work do you most admire?

I really want to design my own clothes as I don’t think many designers cater for short dumpy women!  But I like the classics like

Caroline Charles.

I’m so impressed, creative all around then!

Your most favourite outfit currently for a night out, what is it and where’s it from?

I like long dresses and drapey tops with slightly too much jewellery.

Do you ever shop online, if so tell me a few of the retailers you love?

I shop on line all the time.  I live quite far away from theshops.  I like Peruvian Connection, (favourite) Sahara (sometimes)

Wrap, and Chesca (to name but a few.)

Same, that’s my excuse  anyway.  Country life is feeding the online economy if you ask me!

Katie, Make-up bag, what can you not be without in yours ?

Eyebrow brush with either a pencil or powder.

What’s your guilty pleasure in terms of retail? Something you probably  shouldn’t buy but can’t stop yourself?

Brora who sell extremely expensive cashmere cardigans.

When you hit the stores, who is your trusted shopping pal and why?

I prefer to shop alone.  Other people distract me.  I like going  shopping with other people if they are buying though.

Wow, I’m  on the same page with this, other people just slow me down shopping, it’s often  a solitary pleasure for me, so I can focus, though I’m happy to accompany them on their shopping trips.

What’s the most indulgent thing you’ve ever bought for yourself?

The most indulgent thing I’ve ever bought is a Brora cardigan, not in the sale!  Love it though.

 What was your most regrettable thing you ever purchased?

The thing I most regret buying are large quantities of ‘make you thinner’ tights that roll down.  Where do they think the fat goes

with tights that just do your tum and your bum?  Over the top is where!

We know from your work you have a passion for Mills and Boons and    romance novels, tell us another passion of yours not many people know bout perhaps:

I do have a passion for cookery programs and books.  When stressed I make pesto, soup or salad.

If you could have a sit down chat with one person from history, who would it be?

I’d like to talk to Samuel Pepys.  I’d encourage him to keep on writing his diaries.

Please describe your favourite pair of shoes.

My favourite pair of shoes, which I don’t actually have, would be a lovely pair of soft suede boots.  I have difficult legs though,  so they remain a dream.

I feel your pain, my favourite’s would be an unbelievable high pair of gorgeousness I could never actually wear.

Shopping, choose one destination you love above all others, town, city …?

I like Cheltenham to shop in.  It should be Paris, but I know my way round Cheltenham and it has lots of shops I like and good places for coffee, lunch or cocktails.

What’s your favourite holiday destination and why?

I have family in Dominica in the Caribbean and we had a brilliant holiday with all my UK family this year.  I don’t really want to go anywhere else.

Katie, she’s like a homie! Dominica is a neighbouring island to St Lucia, my family  ancestral home. I’m now even more impressed than I thought  would even possible so soon in  at this stage and fully understand the sentiment.

Katie, you seem very confident, however, if you buy something, and want a second opinion, who do you go to?

If in doubt I’d ask my daughter.  She’ll tell me the truth.

You’ve been a real positive advocate for new writers  especially with your bursary,  what other changes would you like to see in the future if any for writers?

I think a really useful thing for writers would be a bureau  that would put writers together with the right agent.  Finding one  is a long process and this would help.  Not sure anyone is going to  set one up though!
What’s the last book you bought? (not just read, but actually  purchased)

I get sent so many books I don’t often have an excuse to buy  them but I do buy Phil Rickman novels for my kindle.

What was your last positive ‘pinch yourself’ moment (as in, is this really happening).

My last ‘pinch me’ moment was being number one in the bestseller charts.

What should we expect to see from you the near, long future, any hints of up-coming projects we should look out for?

My next book has a farming background and beyond that, who knows?

Thank you for your time Katie. I personally look forward to this next offering! Rural England, country life, village life versus town life..I think if anyone can convey the sentiment and the typical relationships with a twist, it’s Katie Fforde. 


Katie Fforde

Katie has an extensive repertoire of work which you can see on her website.  Relax, find some you time, pick up one of these and escape.

Enjoy. x