Pink Perfection – The love affair continues.

So here’s the thing, Pink.   That’s it, Pink is the  actual “thing” right now.  It’s still around n the shops, yes it’s in the sales, some of our most noted fashion bibles are telling us to phase it out of our wardrobes this season, and yet, in-coming stock for the Autumn Winter season is still embracing pink, in all hues, but generally focusing on the more dusky, dusty, rose pink variations.  Then there are the other competing international glossies telling us to most definitely continue to embrace pink for the coming season. even seen on the catwalk of our most recent fashion weeks, it would seem our love affair with pink is set to continue a little longer.


Personally I think Pink is like marmite, you either like it or you don’t.  For some, they like the idea, but put them in anything pink and they shrivel inside wanting to hide feeling uncomfortable, unconfident in how to carry it off, and no, this is not aimed at men but women also.   Others of us, put on something pink and suddenly feel like someone waved a wand or through some pixie dust at us, tadaa! Feeling all kinds of “nice”.   That’s the word, it’s not strong, overtly powerful, but it certainly has allure, subtle powers of deception, worn well pink embodies style and actually a certain level of confidence, in the fact that you can handle it without an overtly bold uniform staple to do the work for you.  Pink can be feminine yes, it can also evoke mystery, intrigue, charm, charisma, warmth, gentleness and all the adjectives which basically lead to “I’m a good person.” Pink can sill be seductive, especially combined with tactile materials, the sensuality of pink silk or pink velvet is undeniable. Pink can be many things, a mood lifter, a game changer, it’s up to you as to how it makes you feel and what you do with it.

So here is just a little round up of some of the intriguing pinks out there right now.  Note, I have included just a few coats, but if you don’t have a pink  fur or fluffy  coat of some form this side of Christmas, you run the risk of serious fomo, they are EVERYWHERE!  Don’t say I didn’t want you.


Pink Velvet Body by Jaded London
Was £45.00 Now £10.00

Pink knitted beanie


Trefoil T-Shirt by adidas Originals


Brooch faux fur coat




Pink Smart Bomber Jacket


Message knitted sweater
Was: £29.99 Now: £17.99


Was: £85.00 Now: £42.50


Light pink knit balloon sleeve jumper dress £40.00


Light pink patent heeled knee high boots Was £75.00 Now £25.00


Light pink side stripe pencil skirt Was £12.00 Now £7.00



ANTIOCH Pink Western Jacket*


Deconstructed Collar Dress in Dusty Pink Knit
Was: £65.00 Now: £45.50

Pink embellished one-shoulder blouse (SC210323)


No Limits open-back blush dress

Kikka Pink Ganor Dominic £450 online exclusive


Linen and cotton-blend shirt


Pink silk satin wrap blouse


Wrap Over Tailored Jumpsuit in Fuchsia Pink


Brooch faux fur coat

Custom Pink double breasted cotton Blazer
£110 (made to your measurements)


Pink bow hem cigarette trousers £38.00


Suede ankle boots


Pink Leather Vest
Was: £549 Now: £385
online exclusive


The pink thing, it’s at all ends of the spectrum, high-street, high end, sale stock, incoming stop, so…basically just mix it up, do your thing. Just think pink.


Enjoy. x