Welcome to this guide to savvy shopping for your wedding online. As one of the most important days that we enjoy throughout life, it is essential that our special day is made perfect. During months of planning, organising and purchasing, the build up to one day can get the better of many brides, and deposits that once seemed appealing closely creep up on us and almost loom into insignificance in the drop of an ocean that a wedding budget can seem.


As a lifestyle and shopping blogger, even I, madamehighst® (blogger persona) was a little overwhelmed at first at the sheer amount of research and clever sourcing it takes to pull a wedding together. I write from my own experience, having pulled our own wedding together within a 3 month window from start to finish. A daunting task, but one that was do-able.


With the transition to modern technology and the rise of the savvy shopper, online shopping for your wedding has immensely grown in popularity. With plenty of online boutique stores offering hand-crafted and unique pieces tailored to your wedding, many couples are heading online to sprinkle their day with personal touches, for some, it’s possible to pretty much pull the whole event together by shopping online.


Becoming a little more savvy, organised and open-minded are all the necessary ingredients needed for wedding shopping online. Perfect for the busy couple, online shopping opens up a whole platform of quirky designs that can be delivered directly to your door or chosen venue. Online wedding shopping enables the bride and groom / couple to have greater space and time to view offers, compare prices, email, negotiate without feeling embarrassed and on the spot, essentially it’s an invaluable tool to source the very best deals.


Always begin with a vision board, Pinterest is great to pin plenty of ideas across the internet into one safe haven. Creating a vision and mood board of all your ideas, over your research period a theme can develop, which can make shopping a whole lot easier! You may discover you actually like things you didn’t even realise.


In addition to this I strongly recommend you create your own physical, tangible vision board or scrap book or both, compiling it over time from the many bridal magazines and leaflets you’ll start of telling yourself you will not buy, but believe me you will and in my personal opinion it’s an indulgence you should allow yourself in the run up to your big day.


Forget the good intentions to only buy one or two, with each new month, and the closer you get to your own wedding day you’ll probably binge on bridal magazines. Enjoy that moment, relax in the comfort of your own home, journey to work, wherever, soak up the tips, find images of everything you like and would like to emulate, learn the things you didn’t even realise you don’t know, and you can do all this from the bed, bath, train or on the sofa, wallow, absorb, this is your moment, and this little luxury will not break the bank but it might help make all the difference to your end result from what you source here.


As one of the most special days in your life, you do not want to reminisce with only the reminder of the stressful build up to the day. The journey to the wedding, the build up, is all part of getting married, with the big day being the final culmination. Allow yourself to enjoy the fun, laughter and memories with friends and family, enjoy this savvy guide to help you shop for your wedding online, it’s not a bible, it’s a guide, take it and make it work for you in accordance with your own ideas.


Avoiding the stress, the panic and turning into bridezilla, pretty much everything essential is covered here, from working to a budget, to finding the best bargain and buying in bulk, by the end of this guide. This isn’t a checklist, there is no cheat sheet that will give you all the answers and leave you still not wishing to compare and contrast elsewhere, but what you will find here are some bloody useful suggestions and direction that will make a difference, knowledge is power, the internet is consumer power. Let’s go.


Enjoy and Good Luck on your special day! Read, plan, buy, slay.


Would you consider customising your own wedding cake purchased online from a highstreet store?

Our Wedding cake from Marks & Spencer slightly modified.

Our Wedding cake from Marks & Spencer slightly modified by my very talented sister in-law.


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  1. Marsha says:

    I love reading articles and hearing stories about how people saved money on their weddings. I understand the dream wedding and how costly it can be but for me personally I never saw a need for a wedding that cost me 40K dollars or a dress that cost several thousand dollars. When I got married my parents did not help at all so money was tight so we did a simple small wedding, basic but nice decorations, my mother in law and I made my wedding dress, and we had the ceremony at a nice park. If you want something a but nicer it is easy to get a fancier wedding for less by shopping online and looking for those deals! Thanks for sharing this post with us!

    1. Madamehighst says:

      To be honest, most of my travel experiences have been amazing, and the best flight of all, or flights of all have always been with Virgin Atlantic. I have one coming up, crossing my fingers for good things! Never the less the actually trip once in Mauritius ws fantastic and even the return flight had none of the out going issues. For us,it was not the issues of the flight that were the problem, but the lack of customer care and acknowledgement before, during and after that case serious concern.

  2. Patty says:

    I actually had a similar discussion with one of my girlfriends just a few days ago. She is engaged and will be married next June. She is already freaking out about the cost of everything involved with the wedding. I told her she needs to be looking online for deals and discounts and special amenities and such that she can do that would still look great and cost a lot less. We already found great centerpieces and table settings online for a fraction of what the wedding stores in town wanted- so there definitely is something to this online wedding shopping craze!

    1. Madamehighst says:

      Trust me, she’ll save a small fortune by sourcing the best deals with online shopping.

  3. Kelly Maree says:

    We’re contemplating eloping just so we can avoid the stress of planning a wedding, but a part of me thinks I will regret not having all my loved ones there. I can’t believe you managed to plan a whole wedding in 3 months. That’s incredible, kudos!

    That cake looks stunning by the way!

  4. Roxy says:

    Weddings can definitely blow the budget if you aren’t careful with planning and unfortunately, a lot of vendors will take advantage and bump up the prices of items as soon as the word wedding is mentioned.

    Online shopping is a brilliant way to save money which could better be spent on your future lives together.

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