Keeping Up with the Kardashians & every A-list Diva in Hollywood, Ollia Tzarina is taking the celebrity world by storm.

Ollie Tzarina, founder of Tzarina By Ollia, the label loved by celebrities. Style maven and celebrity dresser.


Ollia Tzarina is indeed keeping up with the Kardashians and  almost every other  A-list diva in Hollywood right now. She is most certainly the designer of the moment and set to be a prominent fixture  of the international luxury fashion scene for a very long time.  This designer is taking the celebrity world by storm. You already know her work, you’ve already given it that double take when you see someone wearing one of her creations, either on the screen, in glossy photo-shoots, music videos and certainly on your instagram feed. You’ve probably had  little longing look at one of her amazing coats or jackets in wonderful pastel hues, pure luxury oozing from the screen, the page, wherever it is, it’s all about style, high fashion and all out luxury vibes.

Ollia Tzarina, favourite of the Kardashian clan see here at a party for People Magazine with one of her jackets.

She already has a well established reputation  in Los Angeles for being the  “go to girl,”  she dresses the It girls and the pop royalty ,  the designer behind the fur label ‘Tzarina By Ollia’ is fast becoming a star in her very own right. Not only is  she is about to commence  shooting a reality show in Denmark,  her immediate plans involve significant involvement with  global champion and non profit UNICEF,  all alongside the expansion of  her line into the Middle East market.  To say she’s a little busy is an understatement.  In simple economic terms of supply and demand, she’s benchmarked pretty damned high,  with SO much demand for her apparel.


But who is she?  Ok, let’s break it down with the  official spiel: Ollia Tzarina is the sole founder of ‘Tzarina By Ollia’  a brand she launched  after not being able to find a fur coat of a specific colour she had wanted.  What started as a home project, soon grew into the name that every A-lister and it girl has heard and many of them now own.


Ollia’ s clients include Kylie and Kendal Jenner , Kourtney , Khloe , and Kim Kardashian. Rita Ora , Haifa Wehbe , Jennifer Lopez just to name a few. The brand is based in Milan where there is the main showroom right next to the Armani hotel, Dubai where there is its’ HQ and LA where all the magic happens and celebrities come to fall in love, where the most renowned fashion stylists of our time visit the showroom on Wilshire Blvd and pick one of the brands beautiful pieces be it for the red carpet event or a future editorial.


In case you’re not sure where you’ve already actually see  her work, please, allow me to refresh your memory of just some of the places:




Rita Ora wearing Tsarina by Ollia.


Kylie Jenner wears Tzarina by Ollia.


Kylie Jenner in Tzarina by Ollia.


Ariana Grande wears Tzarina By Ollie

Ciara wears Tzania By Ollie


Ashanti wears Tzarina By Ollia



Recently there has been much debate regarding the re-emergence of fur in fashion lines and on the catwalk, discussed in glossy magazines and  online industry platforms such as The Business of Fashion popping into my inbox in the past week with this issue. Millennials are making their own fresh set of fashion decisions, clearly some members of the a-list have made theirs. This isn’t that debate, this is me, eternal shopper.  For me, I simply saw something beautiful on someone else,  I couldn’t wear it, but upon further  research (window shopping on the website)  realise oh yes I can, with the faux fur line, so whatever your personal preference, there’s something to suit.  We like choices, and that’s what Tzarina by Ollia gives you, style, luxury and ultimately choices.  She also gives girls like me delusions of grandeur having something so fabulously gorgeous wrapped around you, in that moment, I am that Princess,  flossy like the finest R&B diva, a true Girl Boss worthy of a Kelis music Video. So, that’s stylish, looks good, feels good and now I’m feeling empowered, this is like something my fairy godmother would make for me if I had one, for now, it’s just me, my bank manager and Ollia in the mix. Hmm…


Beautiful jackets from Tzarina By Ollia. You might want them all!



There are so many versions from the high street, to high end stores and designer catwalks of various forms of gorgeous fluffy  luxury coats in pastel sugar plum colours. Ollia delivers the very best of the best  under one roof. Just yesterday on my commute from London I counted several different versions of this trend happening right now on women of all ages, but none, were of the quality and ability to render you silent in awe as the work of  Ollia. The faux fur technology she uses is apparently  one of a kind, the jackets, especially the fake mink fur ones are exceptionally realistic, so authentic in appearance that I’m told even fashion editors need to take a moment to check that whatever they are holding is actually ‘faux’ and not animal fur. Result!



She truly is on a path of world domination it would seem. With the impending reality tv show she is to about to commence filming also added to her schedule. Expect to see a lot of Ollia in the near future and even more of her work Tsarina by Ollia popping up everywhere.  You’ll be able to demonstrate your style credentials when you next see an A-list celebrity sporting one of her fabulous finds by commenting that it  must be a Tsarina by Ollia yes?”  no need to thank me for that little moment you’re going to have right there.

Through my research I find Ollia also has a very philanthropic side to her  too  and it is for this reason she has committed to working with UNICEF.  Believe me, in my year of Being the Change I want to see ( subject  of another post) I realise that these are not commitments you make lightly, it’s a lot of time, more time than you ever initially envision,  effort and energy  taking a part in the process of change and trying to do what you can to improve life on whatever basis you can.  Her talent knows no bounds, or her energy for that matter, to be so involved with so much and yet look so jaw dropping glamorous  herself, how is that even possible?


Ollia herself, the style maven behind the brand, Tsarina by Ollia.

It’s easy to see why Ollia would appeal to the makers of reality television programs and to international television networks, she has huge appeal, celebrity network and clients, an amazing business woman and philanthropy. Hers is very much the lifestyle of a celebrity herself.

I’m feeling quite tired just re-reading the list of achievements. As I write this, feeling  slightly tired, thinking of my bath and bed, then looking back at the glamour-puss on the screen that is Ollia, I pull myself together, come on, she’s building a fashion empire and conquering the world whilst spreading love and cheer, the least I can do is catch up my outstanding assignments and tidy up my inbox. This woman created an empire from her kitchen table, the most I’ve created on mine is a mess!

From the Faux Fur range at Tzarina By Ollia


But first things first, back to the coats and jackets, mind blowing decisions, which one will I commit to?  Well…watch this space. In the meantime, take a look at the fabulous range on offer, see if there’s something to tempt you.  I might need to take some time with this, match to upcoming events and outfits. I see  a glass of wine, and some further shopping. However you do yours, take a look, take your time, and remember, you can claim to have known all about her before your friends, bonus. You practically discovered her. I can see it now, you looking drop dead gorgeous, a fabulous coat from this collection “oh this little thing…I discovered this amazing designer, it’s Tsarina by Ollia, she  does all the celebs”


However you drop it, wear it well, drop it likes it’s hot, because it is, they are and you most certainly will be.


Enjoy. x