Going In: Wolf & Badger.

Have you heard of  fashion store Wolf & Badger? You should have if you consider yourself serious about fashion. This brand is a revolutionary retail concept founded in Notting Hill in 2009 by brothers Henry and George Graham. The Wolf & Badger ethos is to promote, support and retail only the most exciting independent luxury brands from the UK and beyond.  To the UK and beyond. With showroom stores now open in Mayfair and Notting Hill, as well as online, Wolf & Badger is the essential destination to discover the world’s best independent brands.

The brothers launched their industry-changing business in 2009. Wolf & Badger is both a store and a showroom, offering a space for budding designers to share and sell their collections. As with most  showrooms,  Wolf & Badger owns no inventory, eliminating a lot of the financial risk.  The journey started with  the brothers leasing a store in Notting Hill and dividing it into 70 units, which were mostly single racks, and then renting to budding designers for a moderate monthly fee and an 18 percent cut of sales.  Currently, a retail space can be taken in one of Wolf & Badger’s two London stores at  — Notting Hill and Dover Street Market. Wolf & Badger also have the  a successful e-commerce website that I’m currently looking at  that carries a wider selection of brands that can be shipped globally.

In August 2015,  successful accessories e-tailer Boticca joined Wolf & Badger to create  what has been described as being ‘the ultimate omni-channel powerhouse’ they have become to discover and support independent fashion and design brands. This collaboration due to a shared ethos brings a much wider range of independent fashion to the consumer.  Wolf & Badger currently works with over 600 of the very best designers from around the world, retailing a carefully curated selection of fashion, accessories, jewellery, kids, beauty and homeware.

Their rise and praise in the press is consistent,  Wolf & Badger stores have been referred to as being amongst the Best Boutiques in Britain by Vogue and in the Top 10 Shops in London by Time Out. Wolf & Badger online is the leading web platform for independent luxury brands.  In my opinion, I think they could just be like the ultimate department store.

For me, Wolf & Badger, the store (either one) is every bit as quirky, original and cool as that very simple name conveys. I use the term the store loosely, as the brand has  grown to actually be run from two delectable retail sites in very fashionable parts of London mentioned earlier , in addition to the fantastic online store.  There is so much potential for the continued growth of this retailer and many rumours of plans in the pipelines..  Essentially, wherever you are, you can enjoy and replicate the urban cool vibe channelled by Wolf & Badger.  It’s about originality, using a combination of absolutely drop dead gorgeous high fashion combined with the slickest and sassiest of independent new designers.

The thing that we think of when we say London Fashion…Wolf & Badger is that, it’s very much London Fashion in terms of the vibe and feel.  It’s all about taking the key elements and creating something that is very much your own.  It’s not pretentious, it’s understated amazingly cool clothes.  They invite you to recreate yourself, to convey yourself in an innovative, stylish very individual way, in association with the stylish slick on-point individual clothing they have already selected for you.

As stated already, Wolf & Badger stores have been named amongst the Best Boutiques in Britain by Vogue and in the Top 10 Shops in London by Time Out. But please take note Wolf & Badger online is the leading web platform for independent luxury brands.






Wolf & Badger has stores in Mayfair and Notting Hill in London. Each store carries a different range of independent designers to discover,  or simply order online for in-store collection or delivery (global delivery).  They have also operated award-winning pop-up stores in both the UK and internationally, including at Selfridges in London and at Porto Montenegro. There are suggestions of other pop-up ventures coming soon. There is talk of Wolf & Badger getting ready to open its first international location in the fashion press.  The company’s co-founders (and brothers), George and Henry Graham, have their eyes on lower SoHo in New York. The reported U.S. expansion is part of a broader strategy to have “a few key locations around the world.”  In fact it now been confirmed that  Wolf & Badger, ,is to make its first move into the US early next year having signed a lease on a store in New York’s Soho district. The 2,500sq ft space is located on 95 Grand Street and was formerly occupied by the Burch sisters’ Trademark boutique.The store is set to open in  February 2017 and   will house a curated selection of independent US brands, as well as introducing a number of European brands to the US market for the first time. The selection will include men’s and women’s apparel, jewellery and accessories.  This fashion empire is  certainly extending it’s reach.





Enough with the history lesson, now what about the  actual clothes?

It’s just retail heaven, I can find no better way to describe it. This retail brand,  online or on foot is every shoppers dream. From the sensual offerings from VIOLET & WREN, see the Pyjama Shirt and bottoms in Orient Bloom as shown above and much more of this range of tactile vibrant feminine pieces to lounge in, sleep in, or just look damned good in! There as so many designers you really ought to know, right here, they’ve done the research for you and stocked the ones you should know about.

For those of you who follow my posts often, you will know of my love for the clothing brand RIXO. They are very much part of the new range of designers available at Wolf & Badger.

Born in 2015 by best friends and London College of Fashion alumni, Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey, RIXO London is a contemporary womenswear label offering distinctively British collections for the modern woman. The name evolves from an amalgamation of the young Creative Directors own names. RIXO offers refreshing and beautiful pieces, surpassing trends in favour of creating vintage inspired pieces with a contemporary feel. RIXO clothing has that one off feel about it, with nothing mass-produced. Collaborating with highly skilled English factories, the RIXO girls vigilantly oversee the whole garment process, with longevity in mind so every garment can be cherished forever.


I  just have to share some of the RIXO  pieces currently being promoted by Wolf & Badger.  The brand  truly is evolving into  a total class act all round. Many of you may think it in terms of the whole bohemian vibe channelled by the gorgeous florals, the long dresses, the pussy bow tie blouses, the off the shoulder decadent wholesome styled clothes, very much festival chic. But what I’ve discovered in the current range being sold at Wolf & Badger is a very grown up, very sophisticated, stunning in it’s simplicity vibe that I am crazy about.

RIXO Camellla Dress Bohemain Blue Floral £285

Camellla Dress Bohemain Blue Floral



RIXO Repeller in Black £185 £130

Repeller in Black
£185 £130


RIXO Olsen in Cream £265 £186

Olsen in Cream
£265 £186


RIXO Daisy £105



RIXO Poppy £180



The range is so versatile in terms of use, fabulous well cut clothes that can take you from day to night with ease.  A great way to dress smart and cool by day in clothes that convey a sense of lightness, freedom, fluidity, high on quality, high on style.Introduce  them into your work wardrobe to remove some of the rigidity of workwear.  I am head over heels in love with RIXO Daisy and even more so with RIXO Poppy as shown above.  I’ve already fantasised about myself in this sassy little dress in 101 different scenarios already, my new must have item I think. It sexy in a non overt way, it’s all about cut, quality, style, it’s simple, and very feminine.  This style doesn’t try too hard. There is no need.


Another brand the team at Wolf & Badger are really excited about having onboard right now is OKHTEIN.



Egyptian design duo siblings Aya and Mounaz Abdelraouf launched their brand Okhtein – meaning, appropriately, “sisters” in Arabic – because of their vision to bring true luxury back to their home country as well as drawing international attention to the inherent refinement of Egyptian artisanship,sensing a gap in the market for true luxury accessories produced in Egypt. Launched in 2013, Okhtein seeks to set new trends, promoting Egyptian artistry as well as presenting new designs to the world. As a brand, OKHTEIN is remarkable due to its hyperlocal manufacturing process. Each OKHTEIN product has a unique provenance with deep cultural associations. To manufacture their products, Aya and Mounaz felt compelled to take a philanthropic approach to their work, this led to a highly mutually rewarding collaboration with several local NGOs that work to provide assistance to skilled female workers who have faced considerable financial hardship.



I can’t deny, when I fall for an item, I fall hard.  Now OKHTEIN have got me in a state of dilemma, first I was taken with the Compass Belt Bag, but what I’m really  loving  are the Palmette backpacks. The trouble is, I truly can’t decide which of the two to have, I can see these featuring in my life a lot (and my instagram feed), in an ideal world it’s the kind of item you love enough to purchase in of each colour. They are cute, simple, stylish and well made, the colour choices are excellent in terms of tone, soft, subtle, the style and the sophistication is all in the simplicity.


OKHTEIN The Compass Belt Bag Grey £295



OKHTEIN Ivory White Mini Palmette Backpack £275

Ivory White Mini Palmette Backpack


OKHTEIN Blue Mini Palmette Backpack £275

Blue Mini Palmette Backpack


Wolf & Badger isn’t just about women’s wear, they have a fantastic range of men’s wear available for the stylish dapper gentleman. There is such a vast array of stylish choices for men both in store and even more so on the website, it truly is shopping heaven.  The joy of strolling along the high street and wondering into one of these fabulous retail havens or chilling out at home and browsing online at all these great finds and struggling to decide which of them you can leave behind on this occasion before clicking to check out your basket.  A lot like the women’s wear, the general theme seems to be about cut and quality, the clothes themselves general are pretty simple well structured garments that just ooze, originality, individuality and class.  They’re cool, they’re modern, not fussy and assuredly stylish.


LC COLLECTION Black Vintage Watch Movements Cufflinks £109

Black Vintage Watch Movements Cufflinks

I love the fact that as with women’s wear there are amazing finds in the men’s wear section at all price points.  I looked at a mans simple sweatshirt at £20, and a little further along at an amazing travel bag for several hundreds more.  In putting this blog post together and taking a longer look, I’ve already found at least one Christmas present for my husband in the form of vintage watch movement cufflinks, he will love them as he is an avid watch collector and appreciator.


The men’s wear houses everything to take you from day to night, the  slightly more formal to the very casual urban chic.  Take the example of the Panda T-shirt below, 2016 really has been the year of The Panda hasn’t it! (If you know…you know). Then moving up the ladder on trend to the leather bomber and biker jackets, then on to the more formal style but casually conveyed such as the pink jacket below…it’s all just such an exciting  shopping experience, in store or online.




Panda Tee


LABINJOH LONDON Red Check Shirt £85

Red Check Shirt


RADDAR7 Timeless Leather Bomber Jacket £299

Timeless Leather Bomber Jacket


RADDAR7 Motorbike Leather Bomber Jacket £345

Motorbike Leather Bomber Jacket


JIRI KALFAR Pink Jacket £379

Pink Jacket

There truly is something for everyone here, have I told you about the super stylish children clothes? Maybe we’ll re-visit that as part of another  post sometime.  in addition you will be delighted with the homewares too.  It’s simply a style haven,  you need to indulge yourself in, and support independent designer along the way.  I urge you, go on the site, try it, explore, you’ll love it and if you happen to be taking a lovely stroll in the high street in the vicinity of any of their stores, you must go in.  No really, you MUST.   You’ll feel like you’ve had a right of passage and graduated to a real, grown up shop, elegant, sophisticated, cool and unique. This retailer caters for your senses and indulges you, the quality, the cut, the stye, all stand out from the hanger, or the webpage.  Essentially, the clothes here, look good, feel good and in them, life is good.


Enjoy. x

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  1. Charlotte Dunn says:

    What a brilliant concept! I love that the fact that they support independent designers. And dealing with so many different brands means a larger range of options to choose from. Can’t wait to check out their online store!

  2. Marsha says:

    So many amazing items to choose from so little time! It seems like I could spend days looking through sites and stores likes these for the top brands and the best in luxury clothing lines. I too love the concept of working with independent designers- as an indie author myself I know how hard it can be just to get noticed,even if you have an awesome product to show off. It is nice to see someone helping out the little people!

  3. Kelly Maree says:

    I love the homewares at Wolf & Badger. My taste is quite eclectic and there are so many pieces that suit my decor perfectly. I’ve bought a few wall prints for my bedroom and I’m about to re-decorate my loungeroom with some others!

  4. Roxy says:

    It’s opportunities like this that can really pave the way to success for independent designers. Wolf & Badger offer a great platform for newcomers to showcase their products and really get the exposure they need. It definitely makes you more inclined to shop there instead of the bigger department stores.

    Those Okhtein backpacks are super cute!

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