Going In – House of Spring.

Welcome to a new feature on madamehighst.com.  Going In…. Essentially is’a a spotlight on brands, you really ought to be paying  attention to right now.  This week, it’s time to look at new kid on the block making waves in the footwear market, House of Spring. Having met the owner, Radhia Hadef at a Wedding fashion event hosted by Lucky Sixpence Bridal, these shoes came to my attention, caught my attention, and I’ve yet to get over the impression they made and that thing, that thing deep down inside that stirs inside when you feel and hold a basically really hot pair of shoes. The event was for Bad Ass Brides, the shoes were bad ass as hell. I wanted them ALL!

 Going in: House of Spring.  When Paris meets London.

House of Spring is designed for people who love shoes.  Forgive me for stating the obvious, you’d think all shoe brands are created with this goal in mind, but not all shoe brands are created equal. Ask any true shoe lover, they’ll  convey the passion and sentiment for shoes that only a true lover of shoes can evoke with any curated collection.  This is the  House of Spring’s aim to ‘bring it’ in terms of style and elegance along with class and quality.

Radhia herself states via the website:

“We believe there is a niche for new designer shoes between the high street and luxury brands.
The collection is designed to make you feel beautiful and is driven by our desire to bring you affordable luxury.”

The brand itself came into being following on from Radhia meeting someone in 2010 falling in love and hence splitting her time between London and Paris.  Realising a niche gap in the market, wishing to encompass Parisian Chic with London cool,  an idea was born which she  has worked thoroughly to bring into being via House Of Spring.  Designed in London and handmade in Portugal, taking style cues from Paris and London, what more could a girl want!

Azur sandal £165.00 - House of Spring.

Azur sandal
£165.00 – House of Spring.


There are big things in the pipelines for this brand, the future is certainly looking exciting and it is certainly tipped as one to watch for 2016/17.  Having already exhibited at London Fashion Week, with plans to launch on ASOS Marketplace in the near future, this is set to be the brand name on every hot steppers lips.  with plans to launch a series of capsule collections,  each month  one will be unveiled in limited edition. Each one will be titled inspirationally with different place names as: Kensington, Saint Tropez, Portobello  etc.


But enough gushing, let’s see  more of the shoes:



Azur sandal £165.00 – House of Spring


Portobello loafers £155.00 – House of Spring


Vendôme pumps £175.00 – House of Spring.


The style choices are fantastic, and the quality and simple sensuality of these shoes just oozes from picture to hand when you actually feel a pair, let alone slipping into them and feeling like the Prince has just slipped on your missing slipper.  The shoes are adorable and if ever there was an expression ‘to die for ‘as far as shoes go, these are the ones.


For me, my personal favourites right at this moment:

AZUR SANDAL £165.00 - House of Spring

£165.00 – House of Spring

Portobello loafers £155.00 - House of Spring

Portobello loafers
£155.00 – House of Spring


These shoes are all true labours of love and things of beauty, remember you read it here first when you see the in coming months achieve their deserved cult status, if you’re a savvy shopper, a fashionista or, like Carrie Bradshaw of Sex in the City, you simply know good shoes, you’ll get yours now.

Enjoy. x