Flower Power.

Are we over the online courses for self improvement, the online workouts, the banana bread cooking competitions and all the things we busied ourselves with during the early stages of self isolation?

Is it time for a new distraction?

I think for many of us, trying to put a positive spin on things, it was great, all the decorating that we could do, all those random jobs we’ve clearly never done for a reason, suddenly were going to take precedence, this was how we were going to win and beat the boredom. To emerge from our cocoons improved, refreshed and ready.

Fast forward several months in, we barely know what day of the week it is, often forget to turn up for that zoom meeting (because we thought it was tomorrow). It’s amazing how distracted you can get within your own four walls!

Then, there’s the home education for those of us finding our way through this journey. The yummy mummies now posting their sticker charts and artistic achievements online daily to drive you crazy rather than posing in their latest yoga wear at the school gate.

Ok, we can emerge from this thing, this crazy mad period in time feeling better. Just stop for a moment and smell the roses.

Put on a face mask, deep condition the hair you can’t get cut or blow dried (no you don’t need that packet hair dye). No we do not believe Hollywood Actors are pooping to boots for a box of hair dye. Ok, maybe 5 times a week was ambitious for the intense workouts, you’re not about to head out on a European tour are you? Mine of choice is Donamatrix (think Kardashians) if I could complete his workouts 5 times a week I would literally look like a goddess by now.

Maybe twice a week for the workouts, ok Summer is here, how about three times per week. We aim to look drop dead fabulous for the Winter season and Christmas of course.

Read a book, seriously, every advert is telling you how great all these gadgets are to get you through this, but imagine reconnecting with actual books, the ultimate indulgence and you time. do you ned a portal so you can see people on every call, having finally navigated the “is this call going to be on camera or off” etiquette, do we need more tablets, more camera’s, a new laptop, really?

Yes I meant it when I staid stop and smell the roses.

It doesn’t matter if you have a garden or not, these are your roses. Ok, they don’t literally have to be roses, but treat yourself. You’ve bought way less shoes, clothes, make up, latte’s and lunches, why not treat yourself to a gorgeous bunch of flowers weekly, fortnightly, monthly whatever. By scheduling flowers it’s a way of scheduling a moments pause no matter what you’re doing to stop and smile, admire the beauty. It’s not an “essential item” It’s not functional, it’s indulgent, it’s delicious, it’s luxury and it’s about time.

Learn to appreciate you and do something that is just for you. No apologies. Flowers bring joy, beauty, a connection with nature, scent and a feeling of luxury indulgence, why not.

There are so many of these services now which you can subscribe and forget, and watch one fabulous bouquet after another arrive with regularity.

Alternatively, make it a mission to try out the many different florists and companies offering treats to delight you. I mean, you will be glam for the gram with your fabulous bouquets in the background, foreground, whatever. you will be boosting the economy and hopefully supporting many small businesses potentially. You don’t have to justify it, it doesn’t have to make sense, it simply has to make you feel good. That’s it.

The sight, the smell, the feel of beautiful flowers, it’s an instant mood lifter.

Do it for you, treat yourself.

Prestige Flowers Haute florist Collection.

Enjoy. x

*This is not a paid post however some of the links placed within are affiliate links from which I will earn a small percentage of any sale placed through them.