Is Dirty Food The New Comfort Food?

Fellow foodies is dirty food the new comfort food?,  something has been bothering me for the past few days, I detect a new trend in our food habits, but wonder am I imagining a ‘thing’ or is it really true that we are all just getting a little bit more ‘Dirty’ when it comes to eating?


When I say ‘dirty’ I’m not alluding to a complete abandonment of hygiene here. I’m not alluding to some weird erotic  9 and a half weeks style food engagement either. But what I’ve simply notices, on the high street certainly is the rapidly growing appearance of ‘dirty’ food on the shelves and our menu’s.  Not the type of dirty food we buy at farmers markets when first embracing country life and organic food, you know it really is rather expensive for that extra soil on your carrots!  But no, I am referring to a seemingly comforting, alluring, almost naught, bad, ‘dirty’ food, indulgent, probably the kind of thing you’d enjoy alone or with a very close companion along with earth, a fire, good tv, a g cold beer or an glass of something light and white (wine),  to wash it down all the dirty food down, deep down inside our comforted stomachs having has our tastebuds teased and tantalised.


Don’t believe me?

Let’s get dirty, at M&S! Cheesy, Dirty Delicious Fries.


Ok, check out the shelves of the nations favourite, the oh so prim and proper Marks and Spencer, where I was first introduced to ‘Cheesy Dirty Fries’.  My god they were good!  I was intrigued by the title, not one generally to pick up fried=s in M&S, but thought I’d try them just to see….and that’s how they got me.  This food is alluring because is is tantalising, these fries for example, cajun spiced, topped with Monterey Jack Cheddar cheese and bacon sauce, with mozzarella and jalepenos, can I get an Amen!


Then there was the KFC advertisement I drove past on my way to pick up a click and collect from the local John Lewis, large as you like an tempting picture and caption for a Dirty Louisiana!

Dirty Louisiana Meal .at KFC


I’m seeing a ‘thing’ here, ‘dirty’ is the new comfort.   Look at the success of Dirty Burger the restaurant. Located in Kentish Town, Shoreditch, Vauxhall, Whitechapel, Exmouth Market and Chicago, Dirty Burger specializes in cheeseburgers served alongside crinkle cut fries, onion fries and shakes, with special breakfast burgers for the early birds.  I mean there’s the landmark original and reportedly the best of the bunch around the back of Pizza East in Kentish Town, where you’ll find a Dirty Burger type shack.   then there’s the intriguing Shoreditch Housed in the landmark Tea Building, Dirty Burger Shoreditch serves breakfast burgers, cheeseburgers and the vegetarian Dirty Cop-out!  Love it.

Dirty Burger, at back of Pizza East.


Are we getting tired of posh nosh? Now  it seems the real indulgent is things like burgers, fires, hotdogs served dirty, I recently had a dirty steak (very nice) which basically means with lashing of bad things such as cheese, chilli, peppers, bacon, pulled pork is very popular, jalapeños, and just about every naught flavour combination you can pick up and sprinkle on there.

Is it a sign of our times, is austerity kicking in?  Well no, it just seems to be a really fashionable trend, even amongst some of our classier restaurants and foodie pubs I’m seeing this trend creeping into the menus.

We want to get a little bit dirty and our food establishments and food halls are serving it up as fast as we can buy it. I mean, if a girl get’s converted to the ‘dirty’ side in Marks and Spencer of all places, well, I’d say dirty food movement is definitely here to stay for a while. We’ve all been seduced for many years now by the sexy voiceovers from M&S, selling food in a very sexual way, sensual, seductive, yes a little bit dirty and now, they’re encouraging, just get right in there and indulge your inner dirty side.

So, without further ado..dinner time.

Go out, try it.  The trend is sweeping the nation throughout the UK so go get dirty.

Enjoy. x