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Going Green – The Khaki Fashion Edit.

It would seem that green is to be my colour this season.  It’s not so much that I’ve elected to wear so much green, Khaki Green in particular, but more the fact it’s the only colour I keep being gifted by my partner.  I may have mentioned liking one item in a store whilst shopping…

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Day To Night.   – The Transitional Fashion Edit.

Spring has sprung, life has begun, it’s time to shrug off the woolies and emerge from our Winter chrysalis, ready to hit the ground running and flitter flutter from one social engagement to another, from office to dinner, to drinks like the social butterfly you really are.   Those endless excuses about after works drinks…

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Black is Back.   – The Dark Side Edit.

Ladies and Gentleman, in case you didn’t get the memo; black is well and truly back. It’s not that it ever really went away, it’s always been a safe haven as far as I’m concerned, but you know how we venture off into that experimentation at the urge of the fashion press to branch out…

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What a Body – The Bodysuit Edit.

Ladies, you may not buy into the theory, the promise that there is somebody out there for everybody. But let me tell you this, there is truly A BODYSUIT, for every body out there right now on the high street and even more choices if using online shopping (as always, of course).   Seriously, pretty…

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Spring into Spring……Fitness Edit.

New Year, New You. How’s that working out for you? Be honest, it didn’t work did it? Ok, you did go to the gym a few times, granted, ok, you did cut out bread for that fortnight…etc. But let’s face it, it was too cold, too dark, you were too ill and all the other…

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The Bluffers Guide to Social Media. – Review.

Wow, I can finally finish my review of The Bluffers Guide To Social Media having actually gotten my friends and family to stop passing it around and let me finish it!   You may be familiar with the Bluffers Guides series of books, if not, try them, and most importantly, try this one! If you…

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