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   Nude’s not rude.       – The Nude Edit.

Steady, we’re not talking naked selfies here, but Nude is indeed a thing right now. It’s subtle, yet very attention grabbing, the simple strikingness of a woman doing the Nude thing.  By Nude, to avoid all doubt I mean the colour nude, or all the shades of colour within what is generally considered to make…

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What a Body – The Bodysuit Edit.

Ladies, you may not buy into the theory, the promise that there is somebody out there for everybody. But let me tell you this, there is truly A BODYSUIT, for every body out there right now on the high street and even more choices if using online shopping (as always, of course).   Seriously, pretty…

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How Life with Multiple Sclerosis turned me into a Savvy Shopper.  

    I’ve always been “a shopper” I love it, have always enjoyed rummaging through stores to find the best bargain. As I child I was always amazed at my own mothers’ skills at turning a very small budget into a pretty great lifestyle for just the two of us, utilising her smart savvy shopping…

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