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Is Dirty Food The New Comfort Food?

Fellow foodies is dirty food the new comfort food?,  something has been bothering me for the past few days, I detect a new trend in our food habits, but wonder am I imagining a ‘thing’ or is it really true that we are all just getting a little bit more ‘Dirty’ when it comes to…

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So the moral of the story is, think about what you want, what you’d really like, visualize, if it’s expensive, think of alternatives, search online, get inspired, then you search and search for ways to pull it together, emulate it and make it happen. Don’t give up. Enjoy and Good Luck on your special day! Read, plan, buy, slay.

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Barraka – Mediterranean Street Food. Review.

  On Friday 15th July I was fortunate enough to be invited to sample the delights of Barraka, which can be found at 7 Artillery Lane, London E1 7LP, with  a view to giving them honest feedback.  That day has changed what lunch looks like for me in London.   Wow, I never knew such…

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The Good Life – The Life Style Edit.

The Good Life.  What is it?  What constitutes the good life for you when you hear this phrase?  Be careful, your answer is good hint of your age.  If you were to refer for example to  to Jerry and Margot, characters from the well loved popular television series “The Good Life’  well, then we know…

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Christmas 2015, the year of Conscious Consumerism?

I have been finding myself increasingly disturbed by the thought of the impact of my consumerism.  I’m not what I would consider a hugely social conscious person, not environemtal, not vegetarian, nor vegan, nor any other things I personally would generally stereotype or pigeon hole as being typical conscious consumers. I buy high-end goods occasionally,…

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