My Big Virgin Holiday Adventure.



Travel Spoiler alert!  I don’t often do this but I’m just soon excited.  I am being a total travel tease by telling you about my big Virgin travel adventure before I’ve even departed.  As I type, swapping between screens, putting together our upcoming trip I just can’t wait to live it and then blog all about it.  It looks fantastic.

Anyone who reads my work knows what it takes to make me happy, a beach, the se, hot sun and I’m pretty good, throw in a little luxury , great food oh and lets not forget the alcohol and I’m in heaven!

My family, well, when it comes to travel with children…it’s never easy is it, always a lot more to consider, will they be entertained, will they find it boring, will it be educational…ok, I’m lying, I generally don’t consider the last part, all travel is educational in my opinion.

I can’t say much more, because the family have no idea how I’m going to pull together our latest vacation.  You may have read about our island-hopping adventure in the Caribbean last year when we flew out and  returned home with Virgin Atlantic Airlines?  Well, that was a pretty special trip, I can’t deny, and setting the bar so high…means I like to challenge myself to find new ways to keep  our vacations  interesting and in budget.


This would mean lot’s of traipsing the high-street, comparing deals, endless hours of online shopping or at least surfing you might think.


I just can’t lie…in a nutshell, no.  It takes a bright idea, borne out of necessity and determination that we will travel on low priced flights with Virgin Atlantic, therefore I need to taylor our travel plans to deliver this result, in a stylish way that seems effortless, well planned and totally the stuff dream holidays are made of.

I think I just might have surpassed myself for real this time and can’t wait to share  our latest travel adventure with you. In true madamehighst form, I can confirm it has totally been booked and arranged online, but I have to say, it has been really rather simple to pull together, the hard part is in finding the right inspiration, the right ideas, once you have that…you’ll find a way to make it happen, as have I.


Think outside of the box they told us at school, I’d like to think I take that to new levels when it comes to shopping for anything and I hope that my crazy way of approaching things, a bit like a spiders web of thoughts and ideas that eventually transpires into a package I present to the family.  Thinking outside of the box, not limited by our location, that’s all I can urge you when it comes to shopping for anything, especially when it comes to high street shopping or shopping online.

Not long to go, My Big Virgin Holiday will be revealed soon in an upcoming travel blog post.  I think you’ll love it, you’ll certainly be inspired.  In the meantime, there’s is a Virgin Atlantic Sale on, and I would be neglecting my duty not as self declared savvy shopper to tell you to jump on it…I did!

Looking at the grey sky…back at the sale…oh go on then..ends 21st Sep, quick!

Sale ends September 21st.  Son’t say I didn’t tell you!


Enjoy. x


3 thoughts on “My Big Virgin Holiday Adventure.

  1. Charlotte Dunn says:

    I’m exactly the same as you. Give me a tropical location and great food and it’s the ultimate holiday. I alway travel with Virgin, they are so reliable and make holidays stress-free.

    Can’t wait to see where you are off to!

  2. Roxy says:

    Oh, the suspense! When are you going to let us all in on this secret location?

    I love reading about all your adventures, and the tourist attractions that you visit on your getaways. Looking forward to reading all about it!

    1. Madamehighst says:

      Haha, very soon Roxy, it’s looking pretty good I must say. I’m hoping the family like the twists. October, all shall be revealed.

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