Madame High St.

Madame High St.

Shopping is my passion, pastime & pleasure.

About MadameHighSt

Shopping,  I’m good at it.  It’s my past time, my pleasure, for work, for leisure. I love to shop. For me, I derive great pleasure from being a savvy shopper. I don’t spend endless days and nights cutting out coupons or vouchers, I do surf the online sales and visit the best in-store sales I can find, to see what there is to be had of value, of style, of merit. Sometimes it’s not about the item or service being on sale, it could be high end on the high street, it’s simply about it providing a real feel good factor, value for money, quality, satisfaction.  Sometimes it’s just a real case of “got to have it!”

I shop for all things, fashion, homewares, services and lifestyle experiences.  I learned a long time ago that life is short and time is precious. I swapped the world of corporate life for life online following my diagnosis with relapse remitting Multiple Sclerosis many years ago in a bid to find a more flexible lifestyle and do what I genuinely enjoy. I know what it’s like juggling work life, children, family and a hectic social life and still trying to find the best products, deals and services every day, it’s time consuming.

I love the fact if I’m throwing a party in the Caribbean I can source my goods from sales int the UK, US or Europe.  When back home in good Old Blighty, the world of retail is truly my Oyster.  for me, globalisation means having what I want, from where I want, and the joy of online shopping means I can do it when I want, no opening and closing times, no international clocks for me.

I don’t believe in being limited by my location.  I source the best deals I can find and share them with my followers via my social media streams and blogs.

Jump on board, follow me and let’s go shopping.