A Lust for Luggage – Review.

If you follow my other posts, you may see a link in that I may have travelled a fair amount in recent months.  Having seen our bags bounced off of the carousel one time too many, I’d made a mental note to purchase new sexy luggage, envisioning the upgrade that would obviously ensue when rocking up to the airport check-in desk with something so stunning I couldn’t possibly roll it into cattle class (ok, long-shot but a temporary fantasy and one that was just long enough to convince myself that yes, indeed, new luggage was required).

In truth I blame those fabulous glossy magazines where I’d probably seen fabulous sexy luggage way beyond my pay grade to ever actually buy, but had subliminally filed under ‘aspiration’. Now when travelling with family, new luggage for me, would seem far too indulgent if I didn’t then also encourage new luggage for them, which then increases the bill, and lessons the chance of fabulous luggage for me, thus, a challenge was set, to find the luggage I’d been dreaming about.



Now bearing in mind Bric’s Bellagio,  luggage of my dream was featured in many high fashion magazines, stocked in Harrods and cost around £400 – £495 per suitcase,  and bearing in mind there were 4 of us in our travel party, taking 2 pieces of luggage each, I knew I most certainly had to aim lower.  But they are a thing of beauty and look very well made, had I not had children or a family, they’d be mine in a heart beat.

However, in the real world, I knew I could find something, not equally stylish, but using that as my inspiration off I went online and in-store trying suitcases, including a trip to shopping haven Blue Water shopping centre to wheel suitcases around in the hope of finding something that met my requirements. It just so happened that of all the cases we liked I had seen some in TK Maxx very similar to the Bric Belagio models, but we hadn’t purchased them on the spot and upon returning they were no where to be seen, an internet search proved fruitless  and after 15 minutes on hold trying to call the store I gave up all hope of tracking them down.

We looked at all the usual suspects, the super hard, super locks, super wheels all things super but just not meeting the style I’d set my hear on.  Marks and Spencer had a sale on, buy one suitcase, get the second half price, well, this seemed like a gift horse, a no brainer.

Marks and Spencer suitcase

Marks and Spencer suitcase

They were stylish enough, not what I’d set my hear on, but stylish all the same, we purchased a couple in khaki and tan, upon checking out their website, I saw they actually had the same models in white and tan, my travel colours of the moment.  But obviously this particular colour was out of stock online and in all stores I tried, thus I settled for the green and tan.

Marks and Spencer suitcase.

Marks and Spencer suitcase.

But then, before packing my case, just having a last minute online browse and searching TK Maxx online, low and behold suddenly my cases came into stock!  Well, that was it, and priced so low, I just had to have the suitcase and the cabin case for hand luggage. They were a steal with both suitcases coming in at less than the price of one of our cases from Marks and Spencer.  Clearly they were never going to match up to Brics in terms of quality, are a bit bulky because they are less rounded in shape, but beautiful all the same, and received many compliments on our travels through the Caribbean.


However, in researching the TK Maxx website for this post to double check if the cases are still available, I can’t believe it, they have…drum roll, an actual BRICS cream leather holdall.  I’m not travelling anytime soon but I NEED IT!  I’m virtually stamping my feet, so I think a last minute addition to my Christmas list is in order. It’s not exactly the one I wanted but as close as I’ll ever get this side of 7 lucky numbers!

BRICS Cream Leather Holdall £199.99 RRP £539.00 Save £339 (63%)

Cream Leather Holdall
RRP £539.00 Save £339 (63%)

I love the world of online shopping, it’s 23:43 on a Friday evening and here by chance I find part of the set of my dreams at a total steal!  In fact, I think it’s time to end this post, there’s shopping to be done.