The 2016 Cosmopolitan Influencer Award nominations are open, vote for madamehighst.


The 2016 Cosmopolitan Influencer Award nominations are open! Can I count on your vote? Pretty Please!


I would love to receive your support by way of a vote in this competition for madamehighst.  Maybe you like to follow the blog, maybe you’re one of the Twitter family currently at 4,817 followers and rising who loves the social media flow on that or my other social media channels.  Whoever you are, in whatever capacity you give me your support, all of your votes are gratefully received.

What’s MadameHighSt about? Lifestyle blogger, writer, broadcaster, Huffington Post contributor. Savvy Shopper. Guiding you through the world of online shopping for the ability to find the best prices,  most desirable products & ‘oh my god you can’t miss it’ experiences. Why do I do it?  In a nutshell, because I love it!  I love this and I’m good at it, I genuinely get great passion from sharing my experiences and fantastic finds or not so great as the case may be with the greater public. I enjoy exploring the world of retail and sharing. I love to engage with my followers and in turn learn from and share your own knowledge and experiences, it’s a community sharing and improving life for us all.

I would ask that you vote for for Best Lifestyle Influencer or Best Use of Social Media…your call.


Please vote click this link to place your vote:


Thanks you.  x

One thought on “The 2016 Cosmopolitan Influencer Award nominations are open, vote for madamehighst.

  1. Roxy says:

    You definitely have my support.

    This blog combined with your social media pages has pointed me in the direction of many great shopping deals and hot products, and also saved me money in the process.

    It’s great to be able to embrace my love of shopping, without breaking the bank!

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